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So you’re interested in learning the beautiful language that is French?

At the VICI Language Academy, we take a fresh approach to languages. Far removed from rigid textbook teaching methods, we use a modern communicative approach that makes the learning of languages both stimulating and enjoyable.

Take us up on our offer of a 30-day free trial or £100 toward your classes; what do you have to lose?

“By creating the VICI Language Academy I realised an ambition, that with care and positive guidance, anyone can become bi-lingual.”
Nathalie Danon, Founder of VICI

So what does VICI offer you?

1. Choice of several 90 and 60-minute sessions per week all year round.

2. Private hourly coaching sessions – included in your plan free of charge.

3. A 15-minute monthly telephone consultation with your French coach.

4. All learning aids included, as well as an annual subscription to a bilingual magazine (called Bien Dire)

5. A dedicated Facebook group for adult learners where you can share your ideas and work together within our flourishing community of French speakers.

6. Inspiring linguistic and cultural workshops at regular intervals throughout the year, designed and delivered by a multi-talented team of French coaches.

7. Receive monthly top tips but emails from our head of French, Valérie, for brilliant ways to maximise your learning, such as websites to look at, blogs to read and buzz words to impress your peers.

8. French certification ceremonies: A great way to be rewarded for your commitment and get the extra support you may need

Register your interest with us and get a FREE 30-day trial or a £100 voucher toward your classes.

The people of France are well known for their hospitality.

So it’s little wonder the VICI community gave regulars at the Fox in Peasemore a thoroughly warm welcome at its annual evening of all things French a few weeks back.

“There was great bonding amongst everyone and wonderful seeing how language and culture can get people together. Such an event is all part of the proud VICI ethos of blended learning. It is not just about learning in the classroom, it is about being immersed in French and confronted by the language in its many shapes and forms. It makes learning much more fun and it sticks in a way it never did in the classrooms of your schooldays.”

Nathalie Danon, Founder of VICI

…and when we took our students to France on our residents trip, they were able to experience local French hospitality at its very best.

At VICI it's not just about speaking the language.

My French is in the elementary stages and my determination to improve prompted my decision to join the Vici Academy French Immersion Trip. The course, for a manageable group of 8, was outstandingly organised by Madame Lucat in her native region of France. Her knowledge of the area, the arranged talks given by French dignitaries and a historian gave an insight to a French way of life which, otherwise, not have been discovered. Périgord is quite beautiful. The trip was action packed with local attractions, gastronomic experiences and, importantly, French learning. This all constituted to a total immersion course of the highest standard. I have returned, after the week, feeling exceptionally lucky to have taken part. Thank you Madame Lucat, thank you Vici Academy.”

Sally Laird

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So whether you feel like you missed out on a great night at the Fox in Peasemore.

Or you’re hungering for the chance to learn that language that eluded you at school.

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“I would recommend VICI and I do! If I’m honest it is because Nathalie leads the company with a true passion, a true core passion. She absolutely believes in what she is doing and that comes out tenfold in everything her and her staff are doing in there.”

Carol Turner